Video marketing has become the most relevant source to increase reach. Because people minds are changing from text to video. A blog content can increase its strength by adding a video.

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We can understand the power of video marketing by following statistics:

1.Video marketing will account for 69% all consumer traffic

2.Mobile video ads will grow 5 times faster than desktop

3.Landing pages with videos lead to800% more conversion

The marketer must think according to the market trends. Already well-established brand must understand the trends. In present days most floating words are video marketing and big data.

5 Video Marketing Trends

The following trends are most popular compare to other

1.Great shift in television viewing

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After 2010 we can see there is the greater shift from traditional television to internet video. Age group between 18 to 38 (approximately 10 million customers ) are most targeted customers for video marketing.

Marketers also using the internet for marketing with video presentations. The reason is cost and duration.

2.Increasing the mobile viewer’s population

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According to reports mobile video ad spend grew 75% in one year. The mobile video alone makes 24% of all digital revenue. Use of the YouTube app on smartphones has increased gradually.

3.Increase in limit duration of video

Customer’s don’t mind the duration of the video. To read an article people prefer to watch a video explanation.  65% people like more than 30 minutes videos to watch.

4.The social media video trend

video marketing social media

Most of the people don’t like to miss a video on social media. We can also observe the number of video posting also increasing.


A.Snap chat receives 6 billion daily video views

B. We all know YouTube has over a billion views

C. The number of video posts per person has increased by 75% globally


YouTube becomes shoppable. The number of views for product related videos has increased by 40%. Google launches ads on YouTube to allow brands to feed products using click to buy ad format.


Virtual reality in advertising. VR headsets create more enthusiasm on video advertising. Facebook also created new tools to brands to post 360-degree clips.

Hence the time-shifted from text to video related ads. Video also increase the customer views and make the traffic study. You can learn more information on this web directory blog.