Baahubali the digital marketer

Baahubali has been the most trending news in India since 2013. Once upon a time only products manufacturers used the word Advertising. Due to growth of social networks Individual to Groups, Education to Entertainment and Politicians to Leaders using their social media pages to advertise. Governments also started new websites to explain their goals and motives towards society.

Baahubali – The magnum opus

From the beginning of 2013 to 2017 most trending topics in social media are Baahubali. The marketing team of this movie worked hard to build its online presence and created a craze which shower of all Indian records and created new records.What makes the picture great and what strategies followed  is our study.

Baahubali 1- The beginning

Mostly they used social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. They released Poster, Glimpses on these pages and team warm ups and full fledged videos on movie making sets created interest among the users.

During post production time Rajamouli announced online auditions for film casting through a post in social media. Within a 2weeks time span the makers were flooded with over 1200 emails.

After part1 the sentence “why katappa killed Baahubali” became a trending topic. Not only by team some YouTube channels, Tv programs used this question to entertain people. During Award functions, special skits are planned on Why katappa killed Baahubali?

In social media also number of viral posts are shared which ultimately helped in the success of Part 2.

Katappa killed Baahubali

Baahubali 2

At the booking time of part 2 some vine videos and pictures of long queues before theaters are shared in social media channels.

Not only videos, Games are provided in App stores. Quiz programs are carried on social media channels and rewarded winners. Mostly team used smart strategies through which they spread its wings on social media platforms.

Baahubali twitter star heroes tags

A part of these Celebrities posted tweets on success of picture it is another advantage to the team.


Baahubali has over 36 lakh likes on Facebook page 2.54 lakh followers in Twitter and 4.52 lakh subscribers on YouTube and still increasing day by day. Latest example is a video song of Baahubali2 in YouTube created a new record  with 25 million+ views. The Baahubali has become a good case study that highlights how innovative digital marketing campaigns can enhance a product’s market success.

Due to the best strategies of part 1&2 in social media people are now sharing the pics about part 3

Imagination of baahubali 3Rana in Baahubali