Content has become the asset to digital marketing. Nowadays most of the companies maintaining the Blogs with rich content. Once upon a time Blogs are used for personal purpose but now it is a marketing strategy. More than 40% companies are using Blogs and 50% of people use blogs to understand about company or product.

Content in marketing

Content becomes richer by adding images, videos, stories. As a result, this creates attraction and increases the view time.  It can help in getting both good ranks and traffic.

Benefits of Content Marketing:

  1. Increases visibility in search engine
  2. Consequently, we get higher domain authority
  3. Increase referral traffic
  4. Improves brand reputation
  5. Develop customer relationships and
  6. Decreased marketing costs

Importance of Content

It is important because it provides knowledge among customers and promotes brand awareness. In present scenario best blogs are maintaining this. Top market influencers concentrate in rich content. Content marketing importance support marketing funnel AIDA.

It’s important to understand with marketing funnel AIDA.


The first stage of the Inbound Methodology is Attraction. Due to this stage, the strangers convert into visitors. Its creation helps in these process. If it is relevant to visitors need then there is a rise in traffic and helps in ranking too.

Interest and Desire

It can create interest among visitors by using images, videos and stories. There are many blogs which using this tools.  The stories with reviews make the visitors understand the performance of the company.

The interest may generate leads. These leads help in intensifying the desire.


Action/Conversion which involves converting visitors to leads through forms, calls-to-action, and landing pages. in this stage, the visitor was ready to purchase or use. There are many options to seek for conversion. One of the best opportunity is call-to-action. Where visitor can directly move to the landing page and grab the offer.

According to some sources, the content and the data are now being termed as the Queen and King of digital marketing. Finally, more concentration on this element develops business and run time.