Due to new government policy and RBI guidelines to digital India has done a boost to digital marketing companies. India’s shift to digital payments has put us in a sweet spot. These sources encourage the investments on digital marketing.

start-ups in India

The role of start-ups

Start-ups play multiple roles. Large start-ups including the likes of Reliance Jio and Tesla Motors make the industry players push boundaries to re-invent. Technology enabled start-ups like Uber, Airbnb, and Ola improves the use of idle resources. And E-commerce majors and Digital Payment players like Amazon, Flipkart and PayTM enhance convenience.

Why Indian government encourages the role of start-up culture?

Because Start-ups refers the adventure seeking the value of a culture. History has shown that cultures don’t have any value of adventure in their fundamental values have faded and died. The strongest, the fastest, and the mighty all fade away. The ones who survive and grow are the ones who lead change. Start-ups lead that change. And it is the sovereign responsibility of government to protect the future of its citizens by ensuring a start-up culture.


Funding for start-ups is one major issue. Because people always invest their funds on already existed or on top performing companies. Due to this present Indian government took some measures to overcome funding for new start-ups. Another move has been the tax exemption on capital gain on investing in Government Funds. We see this initiative that can potentially encourage individual and corporate investors to invest in start-ups in addition to the option of RBI bonds or any house property.

The growth of small and medium scale industries

In another significant change, the possibility for start-ups to participate in the government-led businesses is very refreshing and opens up opportunities. Relaxation of norms for public procurement from start-ups in the manufacturing sector enables growth of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises. The biggest challenge, however, lies in the ease of doing business. The challenge for any government is to create a balance between facilitation and control. And so far control seems to be the clear winner. There is still a long way to go where an eco-system is created, attracting the best minds and supporting idea creation and implementation.

Start-up action itself is in the start-up phase. Technology today provides the boundary in a globally competitive marketplace. Probably a change from seeking stability to seeking challenges is already visible with a large number of highly qualified individuals changing from Engineers, Doctors and Civil servants to entrepreneurs and innovative farmers. Consequently, the government should build on its first steps and harness the growing desire in Indian citizen to be the best in the world.

Start-ups with the involvement of digital marketing

1.STAQU Technologies

The Gurugram based company raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Indian Angel Network in June. It is one of the best start-ups. It engaged to provide AI (artificial intelligence) customized solutions to online retailers. AI playing an important role in encouraging customers to use online services instantly. People are bored with the general password system. So they like to have a different security system.

Staqu provides face recognitiongesture recognitionemotion recognitionpose estimationintruder detection, etc.

They also provide visual search, Automated tags generation, visual recommendation, complete look recommendation, real-time video processing and OEM (fingerprint) recognition. All these features act as add-on features to online retailers. Retailers need to choose their recommendations by visiting their website.

70% of all data online comprises images and videos. The company helps users search for products using images rather than words. “If a user wants an art print dress, she should be able to upload a picture and find similar products. Its product can be integrated into the search technology of e-commerce companies. Among Staqu’s clients are Roposo, Karbonn, and Panasonic, and Staqu is staring at a big opportunity as e-commerce is yet to hit the big league in India.


The fresh menu is online food ordering portal. Which was set up in Bangalore followed by Mumbai, Delhi, Gurugram. The company was started in 2014 and the company was moving with 3x speed. The fresh menu is backed by Zodius Capital and LightSpeed Ventures. During 2017 the Fresh menu trying to expand its business to Hyderabad and Pune.

The most of the data in fresh menu site are relating to images of food items and their prices. Fresh menu uses Facebook, YouTube to promote different products. Each day a fresh menu is prepared as its name indicates. They have been using the following social media channels to engage with online visitors extensively. First of all, it uses Facebook which the most stable channel for marketing campaigns. Twitter catching up with Facebook. In Instagram, they post pictures of good quality food and people consuming food has helped generate good traffic and use Google AdWords too.

Marketing Campaigns of Fresh Menu

Fresh menu engages with their online visitors by promoting interesting content on the origin of food items. Conducts regular quizzes, contests, and special offer coupons. Their most successful campaign was “Food Festival” – Talks about origin and history of specific food and how the same is manufactured and prepared by Freshmenu. As a result, fresh menu got more positive results.


Fresh to home is a start-up with the unique idea which provides fresh Chemical-Free Fish, Duck, and Mutton, Antibiotic-free Chicken on online. It is available in Bangalore, Delhi, Cochin, and Trivandrum. Through Android app and website, we can order these products. The main strategy of fresh to home is to supply fresh non-veg raw products. Which is cleaned and ready to cook.

The marketing strategy of fresh to home is their fresh food. They use social media like Facebook and YouTube to share the most important techniques used to process the food. For each variety of food, they posted a unique video or picture in social networks. Which created the best marketplace to fresh to home.



Capital float provides unsecured business loans to small and medium scale businesses. In addition os this they provide term loans, merchant cash advance, and online seller finance.  It is a Bangalore based start-up which provides loans to any person from any place. These services are rendered through online. E company, which started in 2013 with loans to SMEs, has come up with innovative products such as ‘Pay Later’, which gives loans to retailers against data on PoS machines. Capital Float, which primarily handles e-commerce finance, has seen 8x growth in 2016, its biggest so far. From Rs 150 crore loans disbursed in 2015, it disbursed Rs 1,000 crore in 2016.

Capital float marketing strategy is through social media channels. They post demo videos of different loans with their advantages. This creates a visual understanding to customers.


HealthifyMe is the Bangalore-based start-up. Which provide services like Diet, Fitness. These app crossed millions of downloads which is 2nd in place. The company, which was started in 2012 and incubated at Microsoft Accelerator, is growing at 25% month on month. The app, which helps users identify the calorie value of Indian foods, offers paid services from fitness experts and nutritionists. Around 5% of users pay for premium services, and the average revenue per user is Rs. 5,500 a year.

The Healthifyme Blog posts and YouTube videos for promotion. In videos, they explain about fitness by experts. By blog posting, they provide wide explanations like “protein food without fat”. Hence these measures make this app as the best health advisor.


TRIPOTO is a unique travel app to discover real travel itineraries written by real travelers, with real route maps, photos, and guides. With this app, we can get data of 20000+ places. Tripoto prepares guides on different places including holy and general tourist places.

They promote this idea by social sharing. In addition, they post real travel pictures on Facebook and Instagram.  They make on videos on best places which are most likely to visit.

360 Degree View of Spiti Valley Bird’s Eye.

7.NOWFLOATS Technologies

Nowfloats is the Hyderabad-based start-up. It was started in mid-2016. It is a platform to get any business online. In India, most of the people don’t know about digital marketing. This is the idea for this start-up. They provide online services to any type of businesses creation and promotion of product sale through a right channel. This creates an online support to the number of businesses. They provide add-on features to their clients. If customers want to change the product or any promotion information they can simply send message update by what’s app or SMS.

Nowfloats make promotion through social media channels. Most of all they post especially relevant pictures or videos like customers interactions and how a firm get benefited.In their blog, they post especially relevant articles regarding some topics in digital marketing it helps users to understand better.


Finomena uses algorithms to assess the creditworthiness of young working professionals, who would be denied loans from NBFCs and banks and helps them get micro loans for consumer electronics. The Bengaluru-based team, which charges a commission from its financing partners, aims to launch in 10 more cities in 2017. As a result, they got 100,000 app downloads on Play Store. This start-up not only does business but also educating the people to take loans if they have the need and refund capacity. It is the best part in Finomena. People can repay the loans through EMI. With this app only we can buy a product without a credit card.

Finomena makes digital marketing promotions by making a different idea. It uploads the video on YouTube which conveys the information regarding debit form filling or how to get credit. It also posts videos on a contest which is linked with shopping store. Which creates awareness and interest among customers.

Another reason for finomena growth is the present trend. Every consumer thinks about finance to be smart. because Innovations only happen when smart people think. Finomena also posts edited funny pics from movies on Twitter. In addition, they conduct the contest to encourage or create idea among people.

Broke santa contest.


CanvasFlip works with companies to improve their mobile user experience with real-time usability testing. The company works with over 250 clients, including Paytm, MakeMyTrip, and Myntra. It has been a part of TLabs and Microsoft Accelerator and was the third Indian startup to be part of Google’s Blackbox Connect, a two-week residential program for entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.

Unique features of canvas flip

Allows “Layer based transition” to create more realistic design prototypes in lesser efforts. Embedding code to share your designs on your Word Press, Medium, and Squarespace profiles. View your design prototype as an actual app using Panorama App. Automatically generates “UX-Site maps” for the entire team to visualize and discuss Application flow right on the platform. As a result of this “Real-time collaboration” in-between team using on-screen feedback mechanism.

Canvas Flip uses social media sites to do promotional activities. In YouTube, it posts different videos which explain the prototyping process and how canvas flip works.


Myra is Bengaluru-based Myra is an online pharmacy that delivers medicines at home in an hour. It includes medicines, baby care, and oral care. The startup, which does 1,000 transactions a day, has managed a customer retention rate of 75%. It has 20000 stocked medicines across the city.

Myra services are very smart. The customer can simply take the snap of doctor prescription or from any used medicine and order. So, it is more useful because the individual cannot understand the medicines. The payment can be done through online.

It uses social media for promotions and to provide information. In Myra Facebook page we see updates of areas where Myra is newly launched and information regarding discounts.They also make wishes with this social media.


To encourage start-ups first begin with knowledge. In India, most people have less knowledge on entrepreneurship and digital marketing. Some may start but may fail in the middle which one of discouraging factor. All these start-ups used digital marketing to enhance the market. Consequently, most get succeeded. Not only building site or app they used strategies to develop their business. Some go for social media others used their main site/app to contact with customers. Hence this is about the startups in India which are running at a high growth rate.