What fathers day says?

Like mothers day, fathers too deserve a special day to feel delighted and happy for all the sacrifices and love they shower on us. A father’s contribution in his child’s life is tremendous, and the day seeks to celebrate his presence.

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing means not only building an architecture but also making a strategy. The strategy is like promotions and sponsors.  The marketer should understand each day importance to plan accordingly. Here are some marketing promotions or sponsors who used the fathers day.

metro on fathers day Mc Donalds offers on fathers day

Metro offers specially designed fathers day emails @5% discount posted on Pinterest.

Mc Donalds offers special packs on fathers day posted on social media.

Vodafone ZooZoos #look up offline

These video shows spend some time with in offline. In this busy mechanical days, any moment we all like to share on social media. This video reflects the same but left with a message. The message is to say show some love on offline.

It is a situational and an emotional promotional video made by Vodafone.It is one of most important tactic in digital marketing strategy. Use the adequate situation to involve people in promotional activities.

LG India

Lg also built a strategy to attract viewers. This fathers day Lg is conducting a contest #mydadmystar because of it is celebrating the 20th anniversary. The participants should share an emotional story #mydadmystar as the promotional video represents.

Micromax India

Micromax India sponsored a video which is real. They tell about a person who is a real dad. Mr.T.Raja is the auto driver who to serve a number of poor people. Micromax posted on Facebook as fathers day special.

Indian Regional channel also using this strategy:

Not only best brands Tv channels also promoting their wishes on social media. With best lyrics and music they posted on Facebook. Which makes a number of views.

All these promotions are on social media elevated an effective relevant message that is fathers day and its importance. Some online marketing stores use fathers day to create a sale like Flipkart.

Flipkart mentioned some discounts on fathers day like Apple 6s mobile @ 22000/- respectively and some discounts on other gadgets. It is a promotional activity which encourages the number of visitors to store. Hence the marketer should recognize the importance and the relevant need of promotion.

Happy fathers day to all great fathers #skrdigital