Facebook bots are the new service by Facebook. Facebook bots are virtual assistants that chat in a human language. It is an add-on feature to Messenger after payments and video call. Bots help to make brands for customer support. Bots help to overcome a brand by additional apps. It increases the customer ability and makes a brand much closer to its customers.

Facebook bots

5 Facebook bots to understand how it works:


It is real time flight tracking bot. This bolt locates in real-time without downloading the bigger app.

2.Audio shot

This best of laptop/PC. Without any software, it easily recognizes the audio and finds the relevant one like Siri in Apple.


If you love books? Then it is the perfect bots. It gives suggestions to read books based on human taste. If are liking books with information on body and health it provides shelf with similar books. If you like the book the bots will take to Amazon first.


The Jarvis is the Facebook bots which act as a reminder. Like Google now work for Google, Jarvis work for Facebook,

5.Pokemon Bot

It is for Pokémon lovers. It is the crowdsourced map of Pokemon. If you spot a location by a Pokemon picture it will be saved in the database. If you just send a location the bot tells Pokemon around you.

Benefits of bots

No additional apps – It is the best feature to attract users. It helps users to reduce their time and resource to know about a product/service.

No customer service – It enables richness in communication. The company can easy to interact with the customer with these bots.

Promotions – with these bots we can send a virtual ad to the customer based on needs with less cost. This Facebook messenger makes communication with companies in real time.

The conclusion is these bots are linked with Ai. Which may bring tremendous changes in the mode of communication and the market approaches. It may break some existing marketing techniques like email marketing.