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Kulfy – the smartphone application

Kulfy is the largest library of Hindi, Telugu & Tamil GIFs and videos, now available in a mobile application. To share favorite GIFs this app app is simple and fast to any social media. The main aim of kulfy app is to make conversations more interesting. Kulfy app  have lots of conversations to choose.

  1. We can save & share the interesting GIFs
  2. Animated emojis are available. Which help conversations to create interest than old static emojis
  3. Search option to search favorite GIFs.

I am posting this application because to explain the Digital marketing activities carried by this app.With a short span of time this app downloaded by 100 thousand people from play store.

Strategic promotional tools used by Kulfy :

YouTube broadcasting is the best technique they are following. They are not using their own channel because it takes time to reach. In meanwhile other apps may dominate. It preferred already existing popular channel to do promotions. We all know video promotion is most influenced marketing technique. We can explain all the features and by touching  their sense. It used Web series channels, Comedy channel on YouTube for promotion. Because people who feel entertainment will install this application.

TeluguOne channel has 2.5 Lakh subscribers and Fun bucket web series is watched by 6 Lakh viewers within 2 weeks. This is the idea of Kulfy to make the app more successful.

Not only on YouTube, it also available in Facebook. In Facebook they post GIFs to catch the eye of users. The team post Gifs and videos of hero, celebrations and sad situation. With this eye catch GIFs people used to download the app. Most successful applications in App stores use this tactics to overcome severe competition by other applications. Kulfy app also use twitter under the name of Manam app. Soon this app get 100 million downloads, if it continuous updating app and promotion.

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Kulfi GIF Image and video

Download the Kulfi application have a fun in your conversations.