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Mobile Marketing is a  promotional activity or service which is developed and delivered with the help of mobile phones or smart phones. Smart marketing increases the trend of smartphones advertising. The reason for this trend is the abundant use of mobiles than once we used mobiles only for calling, texting.  On an average the smart phone users browse 81% on the internet, 70% of search engine, 50% of watching videos and 60% of social media sites.

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Reasons for Mobile Marketing :

Mobile provide adaptability and comfort it is the main reason for Mobile Movement. The other reason mobile phone is always with us and always connected. Search on mobile creates immediate indent. To reach each individual customer mobile marketing is best and it is two communication. The marketers can easily understand the customer preferences. Based on this preference they plan a solution. Promotions also so fast on mobile phones with simple coupons and QR codes.

paytm in mobile marketing

The Paytm is a live example for Mobile marketing. After demonetization first of all they generate QR codes to individuals and organizations. This strategy makes Paytm more strong and increase its market size.

Mobile Platform:

The firm must have a mobile platform to win in these Mobile Movement , i.e.. a mobile friendly website and an application if needed. We can’t catch the mobile users without a mobile friendly website.There are many seo tips to create a mobile friendly website. Not only the website the content should especially relevant to enrich the user experience. If content is simply to read and web page is mobile friendly consequently it increases mobile traffic. which is important because 70% of website visitors are mobile users.

The firm team not only engage in developing mobile platforms, but also take part in creating new promotions like coupons, discount deals which create interest among users. As per the observations apps were first developed and presented in store later they discover the need of promotion. All site or apps no need promotion it is based on the market competition and nature of services.

In this internet age, it is the time to shift to mobile marketing – hence marketing never be the same.