Fidget spinner is a toy but marketing as the stress reliever. The toy consists of bearing in middle and attached with 3 metal or plastic wings.  The toy is advertised as helping people to relieve stress or trouble with focusing. Experts are divided, with some supporting and others disputing as this toy is destructor.

Fidget toy

Suddenly fidget toy become the popular toy although this toy had been invented in 1993. The reason for the sudden rise of this toy is due social media conversations. The best advantage that helps in spinner marketing is no age limit.

Reasons for the sudden birth of fidget spinner

First, the journey begins with Forbes magazine. In the magazine, one article mentioned that fidget toy is a must have office gadget. In the magazine, they mentioned that this gadget helps you overcome some bad habits and reduce stress. This creates a big marketing opportunity to fidget gadget.

Next, it is the time for social media. There are no promotions carried on this spinner by any company. Even though it gains good market. Now it is the world toy.In social media number of pages were created on fidget spinner. They used different metals and colors of fidget spinners to attract. In online stores, we can see this type of promotions.

In YouTube, the unboxing videos created interest to buy this gadget among users. Giveaway challenges created an impact on product promotions. Some short videos on youtube with a scene that explain how a schoolboy relieve his temper. Some videos on challenges. whereas some videos explain about models in a fidget spinner.


This product success the effect of Digital Marketing in the product promotion. Now we see this spinner is available in almost all online stores. Due to continuous new videos of this spinner creates special interest. Hence we can understand the need of social media. Fidget can be the best example to rule the market with digital marketing.