Oyo rooms are the largest online hotel chain with 10000 hotels in 170 cities in India. Oyo chain of hotels offers clean room, in room wifi, breakfast, Ac, and backup power etc. Standards are continuously audited so that the customers are assured with the quality experience.

oyo room logo oyo room design example

Oyo room features:
  • Rising the occupation space of rooms
  • Tiles and designs were never seen before
  • Budget start from Rs.999/- to Rs.4000/-
  • Complete protective toilet room

This service is started to overcome predictability of hotel services. Actually, oyo rooms don’t have any assets, It simply bound with the existing hotel and provide financial and market support. It promises to bring an estimated traffic within a specific duration and collects some commission from the registered hotel. So hotels can simply register with Oyo rooms and start operations within a week.

The marketing strategy of Oyo rooms:

Oyo rooms completely depend on social media and digital marketing tactics because it is online booking application. It has a strong social media presence. On Facebook 25 lakh likes and Twitter 8000 followers. On another, there are 1.5 million app downloads with a good number of active users. In addition of this, they provide good discounts.

Campaigns of Oyo:

    •  Having a strong social media presence Consequently, it uses social media tools like Dubsmash. They made a dubsmash contest.
    • one for everyone videos on youtube.

    • Fathers day celebration campaigns

  • 1965 war video which attracts a special attention.

  • Jai hind video during independence day

  • Oyo used different tourist places to promote hotels on YouTube during summer 2017. Because video advertising attracts a number of visitors.

Feeling bored on weekends on staying same room then book Oyo rooms.