Digital marketing, the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media.

Digital marketing case studies

Here are some popular case studies regarding Digital marketing

1.Kraft foods

Kraft foods are leading food and beverages in the world. After observing the love of people on cheese by social media sharing. Kraft foods started launching Kraft cheese products into the market. To promote Kraft foods posted 1000 of videos on how making a cheese food in YouTube. It attracts a number of followers and increase sales. Due to visual experience makes customers amazing. This campaign increases customer base by 200%

2. Coca-cola

Coca-cola is a global leader in beverages. It have a number of brands. Coming to Coca-cola digital marketing strategy, it started a unique campaign like spoke-coke messages in social media, Categorized Events and customized birthday lyrics which attracts number of customers. The results are  social media reached to 20 million customers and retweet rate in twitter is 70%

3. Savanna Lemon Loving

Savanna beer tried different marketing strategy. Before valentines day savanna lemon started campaigning. The campaigns are like Qr code to recall the customers, posted teaser video on YouTube, generate a Lemon love letter to lovers on valentines day. This creates a boom in sales and increased followers on Facebook and Twitter.

4. Delta Airlines

Deltha Airlines used digital marketing to become most trusted airlines in the world. It recreated its site and posted visual experiences to its customers by animated location tracking. In addition 150 places  photographs, journey tracking option in the site itself, mobile boarding pass. As a result of marketing campaign creates a prime place for Deltha in world Airlines.

5. American Express

The American Express Company, also known as Amex, is an American multinational financial services corporation. To support small Businesses Amex started campaigning. Amex provided videos and social networking pages for small business. It turns into a mega campaign in addition of celebrities. Finally, every small business person benefited by increase 30% to 50% business.

6. Canon “Photochains”

Canon is a world leading Digital SLR camera manufacturing company. It started a chain campaign, the photos are shared in social media like a chain. As a result, each day 97 photos are shared. At the end of the campaign Canon EOS has risen to a record 67% market share in Australia.

7. Tuborg colors

Tuborg is a beer company. To overcome competitors and  to rise market share. It started 360° campaign  is #Tuborg colors #Challenge. The Strategy is to make people engage in the challenge by their creative hobbies like Dance,photographs & street paints, etc. Campaign raises beer sales and reached to 3.2 million people.

8. Sonic square shakes

Sonic square shakes which are new and unique business which is linked with Instagram. It is marketed through Instagram only. The sonic square shakes are square in shape like Instagram photos to attract users and background paper also looks like a photo. This campaign makes 650 million impressions and 78% of shakes served led to an Instagram post.

9. Nike case study

Nike started a campaign. Which is a running event tracked by tracking devices and posted in social networks. Consequently many people shared their participation in the social world conducted by Nike

10.Digital Marketing in Digital India

Digital India is a startup measure it has been decided that all the Financial dealings by Central Government. Ministries/Departments and their organizations will be made in the cashless mode via electronic transfer by Dec 2016, to eventually eliminate the paper based transactions in govt. Dealings permanently.

Hence lots of people have changed their profile pictures on Facebook & Twitter in support of this ‘Digital India’ campaign by the government. Several industry leaders such as Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai & Satya Nadella have lent their support to this initiative by Narendra Modi. As a result of those campaigns Digital India become is most sucessful.


As a result of this Internet age, adopting Digital marketing creates a  trending changes in businesses. Not only increase in sales force we can reduce the expenses incurred in promoting via campaigns and Digital marketing. Finally it creates brand awareness and built a brand image in adequate time and view immediate results.