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Topics on Digital Marketing

Topics cover the different areas in digital marketing. Which includes strategies, how different organizations used digital marketing tactics like social media promotions. Different campaigns to attract customers and involve them in the promotion of a product like coupons, discounts, and events. In addition of this, there are topics like SEO tools and their usage in digital marketing.

Topics in digital marketing

Types of digital marketing:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing

First of all, SEO is the important topic to discuss because is a methodology of strategies, techniques, and tactics used to increase the number of visitors. As a result, it increases the rank.

In this Internet age, the use of social media is most noteworthy. Because it promotes the product on opposite it increases brand awareness. Consequently, email marketing also helps in promotion and sending detail product information.

Incredible Facebook Bots Via Messenger

Facebook bots are the new service by Facebook. Facebook bots are virtual assistants that chat in a human language. It is an add-on feature to Messenger after payments and video call. Bots help to make brands for customer support. Bots… Continue Reading →

Content in Digital Marketing with Marketing Funnel AIDA

Content has become the asset to digital marketing. Nowadays most of the companies maintaining the Blogs with rich content. Once upon a time Blogs are used for personal purpose but now it is a marketing strategy. More than 40% companies… Continue Reading →

Entrepreneurship #Digital Marketing Benefits

Entrepreneurship is a process of designing and running a business to earn a profit. Until we understand about the market we can’t earn returns. we know that every entrepreneurship business must have knowledge on product demand and marketing trends. According… Continue Reading →

Top 5 Facebook Marketing tips for Business

The number of people and business were connected to Facebook. Nowadays Facebook is using to connect with real people on any device. Facebook also help people connect with your business. Facebook Marketing Tips for Business We understand the basics with… Continue Reading →

How Artificial Intelligence helps Digital Marketing?

Artificial intelligence(AI) means using computers to perform tasks without human interfaces like decision making, visual perception, speech, and language recognization. The growth of any business can be cut through by a simple technology. Artificial intelligence is most famous and developing… Continue Reading →

List of Digital Start-ups in India

Due to new government policy and RBI guidelines to digital India has done a boost to digital marketing companies. India’s shift to digital payments has put us in a sweet spot. These sources encourage the investments on digital marketing. The… Continue Reading →

Success Story of Oyo Rooms

Oyo rooms are the largest online hotel chain with 10000 hotels in 170 cities in India. Oyo chain of hotels offers clean room, in room wifi, breakfast, Ac, and backup power etc. Standards are continuously audited so that the customers are… Continue Reading →

Mobile Movement in Digital Marketing

Mobile Marketing is a  promotional activity or service which is developed and delivered with the help of mobile phones or smart phones. Smart marketing increases the trend of smartphones advertising. The reason for this trend is the abundant use of… Continue Reading →

Digital Marketing in Transportation

The importance of Digital marketing in any sector is growing rapidly. Different sectors uses various channels to provide a number of services. The transportation services are real time need for customers. They check the quality and responsiveness of services provided… Continue Reading →

Baahubali – The Digital Marketing

Baahubali has been the most trending news in India since 2013. Once upon a time only products manufacturers used the word Advertising. Due to growth of social networks Individual to Groups, Education to Entertainment and Politicians to Leaders using their… Continue Reading →

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