Zip Go is the private company which offers shuttle bus services in India. It creates the fast mode of comfortable bus travel. The demand of private bus services are increasing day by day but the charges are never coming down. To overcome this Zip Go start a new shuttle bus services at best prices with their own vehicles.

Features :

  • Cashless transport
  • Guaranteed seat
  • Live tracking facility
  • Zip Go collects 1/4th of cab cost from customers
  • Its app is 2g friendly
  • Women only bus services
  • Monthly bus pass facility with discounts for both corporate and individual

It is a Bangalore based startup and currently operating in New Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Bangalore and now in Hyderabad.

Zip go now in hyderabad

Reasons for shift people from public transport to private:

Public transport is cheaper but they never provide the tracking of journey and time. People are always waiting to catch public transport services like me with knowing the time of particular bus arrives.

Zip Go marketing strategy:

This team following general marketing strategies which is old. Simply distributing business cards and asking to install the app. After installing they are providing zip go cash of Rs.49/- which is almost a charge of the 1st journey.   If we refer our friends they provide Rs.100/-. Actually, all these promotions are common in private owned service providers like Ola and Uber etc. They need something better strategies to make a zip.

Zip go now in hyderabad at 49/-

The need of Digital Marketing:

At the beginning, the mass marketing is best. But it doesn’t work due to some calculations. Most of the targetted group are employees because many students and general people prefer the cheap mode of transport. They don’t need Ac buses too except in rare cases. Employees also see cost advantages but they prefer this shuttle bus services. Because it collects 1\4 of cabs cost and provides Ac with live tracking. These features attract employees but some promotions need to carry.

  • Firstly they should run free trial services from different offices to employee destinations
  • Campaigns using social media like Facebook, Twitter, and youTube. Because people decide to take a product/service after seeing reviews.
  • We can see Zip Go only on Facebook and Twitter. No videos are uploaded on YouTube.
  • Campaigns like discounts on monthly pass through a participation or Using these service on a special day or time.
  • The best of Zip Go is app. which helps in mobile marketing.

The announcement of smart cities in India, the smarter commute is the art. Hence the Zip go may the game changer in Indian transport.

Are you busy take a ride on Zip Go then you will be free.